The House

The Casa do Picouto is framed by the Lima Valley, set on the Gemieira area, Ponte de Lima district. It depicts a diverse rural occupation, surrounded by granite walls and twisted paths.

The typical rural building introduces a solid construction feature, highlighting the rude and rustic granite. An architectural exercise with many references to the past and old rural ways of life that offers a complete vision of the house, with a discursive man/nature complicity managed together by the inside and the outside.

g_casa 01 _webg_casa 03 _webg_casa 09 _webg_casa 11 _webg_casa 12 _webg_casa 13 _webg_casa 10 _webg_casa 08 _webThe single floor-house occupies a covered area of 150 m2, comprising two rooms, a reading room, a dining room, a sitting room, a kitchen and two bathrooms, part of a typical country inhabited geography.

DSC_0303 DSC_0311 Casa de Banho S leitura Casa de Banho quartoDSC_0330Sala de Jantar vistaIt is provided with the necessary equipment to guarantee comfort and well-being to its guests.

g_casa 18-05 _webTo the west there is a 560 m2 garden area to rest and have fun. To the east, an amazing landscape to appreciate from another leisure area, a 425 m2 garden embracing the swimming pool, bordered with walls and hedgerows, making sure you get the necessary comfort and discretion, and setting the border to the apple trees planted along the 4,000 metres piece of cultivated land.

g_casa 20-10 _webSSg_casa 20-05 _webg_casa 20-02 _webg_casa 20-09 _webg_casa 20-07 _web The house is surrounded by green mountains cut by the live and bustling river running through.