The Gemieira area, located 3 Km west from the village of Ponte de Lima, is served by EN 203 (national road) and is located 1Km from highway A3 – Porto-Braga-Valença and highway A28 – Porto – Viana – Valença.

b_regiao 01 _webregiao 3pThe landscape displays mainly rural areas and forests, as well as mountains and the river.

paisagem 12ppaisagem 13pThis beautiful and pleasant land embraces the hills until they reach the banks of the River Lima, a landmark for past and current times. Streams and water flows used to power mills, whose remains can still be seen.

Digital ImageDigital ImageThe river is the setting for several leisure activities, namely rowing and canoeing. You can also walk along the riverside, ride a horse or a bike using the eco road that takes you to the villages of Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca, surrounded by trees and the twisted silver shiny Lima.